Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Buster at Big 10-Inch Record was kind enough to lend me the use of this post, which originally appeared on his fascinating blog. I urge everyone to spend some time browsing through and sampling his eclectic collection. Please see the link to his blog below.

Here are Buster's notes from his original post:
Aaron Copland made several records of his own music as a conductor, but only a few as a pianist. Even in this, he only participates in Danzon Cubano. The leading player throughout is Leo Smit, something of a Copland specialist. The selections from Our Town are familiar from the orchestral score. These piano versions are superb. The real find (to me) is the set of Three Blues. In their simplicity and tone, they are reminiscent of Gershwin's Three Preludes. In this piece and the other items, Copland's debt to Satie is apparent.

This was an early 10-inch LP on the Concert Hall label. I've never seen a reissue of it - strange considering Copland's popularity.

I met Copland once a long time ago at a master class. I remember he was mildly critical of one of the student's compositions. The young composer, I heard later, was devastated. Buster

Big 10-Inch Record can be found here:

1. Danzon Cubano Suite (transcribed for two pianos) 6:40

2. Three Blues (4:25

"Our Town" Suite
3. Story of Our Town (3:19)
4. Conversation at the Soda Fountain (2:24)
5. Resting Place on the Hill (3:52)

Aaron Copland & Leo Smit (pianos) on track #1
Leo Smit, Solo Piano on all other selections