Thursday, May 17, 2012


The Legacy of Aaron Copland is an eclectic collection of works written by the great American composer Aaron Copland. Regarded as the "dean of American music", Copland's works are said to evoke the limitless American landscape as they achieve a difficult balance between modern music and American Folk styles.

Copland's goal was to fill "musical needs created by historical events". The United States Army Field Band Soldiers' Chorus, led on this album by Col. Finley R. Hamilton, has made it a point to present musical excellence and inspire patriotism. The versatility of the members helps make the Chorus one of the most prestigious music organizations in the world.

The Legacy of Aaron Copland features some of Copland's greatest works including "Stomp Your Foot" and "Simple Gifts". This recording is a beautifully educational and entertaining compilation of some of Aaron Copland's work performed by the United States Army Field Band Soldiers' Chorus.

Selections from The Tender Land (trans. Thomas Duffy)
1 Stomp Your Foot 3:06
2 The Promise of Living 5:09
3 Lark 4:07

Old American Songs: Set One (trans. William Silvester)
4 The Boatmen's Dance 2:43
5 The Dodger 2:06
6 Long Time Ago 2:46
7 Simple Gifts 1:17
8 I Bought Me a Cat 2:22

Four Motets
9 Help Us, O Lord 3:05
10 Thou, O Jehovah, Abideth Forever 2:04
11 Have Mercy on Us, O My Lord 4:14
12 Sing Ye Praises to Our King 1:33

13 Las Agachadas 3:26

Old American Songs: Set Two (trans. William Silvester)
14 The Little Horses 2:44
15 Zion's Walls 1:49
16 The Golden Willow Tree 3:37
17 At the River 2:42
18 Ching-a-Ring Chaw 1:37

19 Canticle of Freedom (trans. Thomas Duffy) 13:32

United States Army Field Band Soldiers’ Chorus
Finley R. Hamilton, conductor; Robert A. McCormick, director
Recorded August, 1999 at Devers Hall. Fort George G. Meade, Maryland

Thursday, May 3, 2012


I couldn't locate any review of this CD so the annotation is a bit skimpy. However, the booklet that accompanies the disc is quite extensive and is included as part of this post in PDF format. Hearing these familiar pieces played by wind band is an interesting experience. I hope you will enjoy this disc, the second of two done by the U.S. Army Field Band. I have the first one coming up next. Scoredaddy

The Legacy of Aaron Copland: Emblems
is the second album featured in the series of concert band recordings honoring the lives and music of individuals who have made significant contributions to the band repertoire and to music education.

The Legacy of Aaron Copland: Emblems
features some of his greatest compositions. Special guest, Charles Osgood, anchor and writer of CBS Sunday Mornings, appears as a narrator on "Preamble for a Solemn Occasion" and "Lincoln Portrait." This album also features Copland's famous "Variations on a Shaker Hymn," and "An Outdoor Adventure," among many other Copland classics.

1 Variations on a Shaker Melody 3:29
2 Down a Country Lane (arr. M. Patterson) 3:03
3 Ceremonial Fanfare 3:59
4 Preamble for a Solemn Occasion (version for wind ensemble) 3:15

Billy the Kid: Waltz and Celebration (arr. P. Lang)
5 Waltz 4:02
6 Celebration 2:32
7 An Outdoor Overture (version for band) 9:10

8 Emblems 10:52

9 Lincoln Portrait (arr. W. Beeler), narrated by Charles Osgood 15:54

The Red Pony Suite (version for wind ensemble)
10 IIIa. Dream March 2:47
11 IIIb. Circus Music 1:52
12 IV. Walk to the Bunkhouse 2:40
13 V. Grandfather's Story 4:33
14 VI. Happy Ending 3:13

Recorded August, 1999 at Devers Hall. Fort George G. Meade, Maryland
United States Army Field Band
Finley R. Hamilton Conductor