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This beautiful disc is a gift contribution from my good friend Southview212. For this I thank him sincerely. Scoredaddy

The Nyaho/Garcia Duo is committed to performing music of composers of African or Hispanic heritage, as well works of contemporary, American and women composers. The Duo has a recording to its credit as well: Aaron Copland: Music for Two Pianos, Centaur 2405 (1998). The tracks include El Salon México, Rodeo selections, Dance of the Adolescent, Danza de Jalisco, Variations on a Shaker Melody, Danzon Cubano and Billy the Kid (arranged from suite from the ballet). Nyaho's Web site has this to say of the CD:

In November 1998, Nyaho and Garcia released their first compact disc recording of the complete transcriptions of Aaron Copland for two pianos for Centaur Records. Classical Magazine wrote then that the duo, "form a perfect match in their style of playing, their tone, and in their genuine feeling for and understanding of the Copland pieces... This CD will be the standard against which any futures performances of these dances will be measured."

1. El Salon Mexico (arr. Bernstein)

Two Movements from Rodeo (arr. Gold & Fizdale)
2. Hoe-down
3. Saturday Night Waltz

4. Grohg: Dance of the Adolescent
5. Danza de Jalisco
6. Variations on a Shaker Melody (arr. Lerner)
7. Danzon Cubano

Billy the Kid: Suite
8. The Open Prairie
9. Street In A Frontier Town
10. Billy and His Sweetheart
11. Celebration and Billy’s Capture
12. Billy’s Demise
13. The Open Prairie Again

William Chapman Nyaho & Susanna Garcia (pianos)
Recorded August 6 & 7, 1997 at LSU Recital Hall, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisisana


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Just discovered this site and I;'m very excited! There is so much work that went into what you're doing, all for the love of music. I thank you now in advance for what I will be downloading. I love Copland and this site gives so much to the fan. Thank you again and again.

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Thanks for your work, Scoredaddy. Flawless, as always.

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Scoredaddy...thanks for posting this. Some of these piano interpretations of "things orchestral" can be quite interesting.


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A very enjoyable recording, thank you.

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