Saturday, September 1, 2018

Welcome to Fanfare For Aaron Copland

Aaron Copland has always been one of my personal musical heroes. Mr. Copland cannot be considered one of the major contributors to American music because Aaron Copland IS American music. His influence on two generations of composers in North America (and worldwide) is considerable and the Coplandisms depicting "Americana" he created in his beloved ballet scores and in his globally famous Fanfare For The Common Man are still heard today in film and television music (even in TV commercials!).

Biographical information on Copland is readily available from other sources (see links) so I will not address this on Fanfare For Aaron Copland. We will instead deal with the glorious music composed by Mr. Copland throughout his lengthy career. A systematic survey of Copland's complete oeuvre will not be conducted but a generous cross-section of his work will be posted. These will include orchestral, chamber, and vocal/choral pieces (many lesser-known compositions will be included). Ocassionally we will hear the same piece in different instrumentation. Sometimes we will feature the same piece interpreted by two different orchestras/conductors.
I hope this site will raise awareness of Aaron Copland's titanic contribution to his field and to the cultural history of the 20th century United States. All postings on this site will be in the lossless FLAC format and will be ripped from original CD's in my personal collection. All artwork included with the CD packaging will be added as image scans, now all done at 300DPI.


Jordan said...

Great composer,

great blog !!!

riddim1903 said...

Scoredaddy, You scored big again...

I'm glad that we benefit from your generosity!

Look forward to hearing more :))

Isidingo said...

Thanks for all this wonderful Copland music. It has certainly open my eyes and ears on this composer. also your notes make excellent reading.

I especially loved the Bernstein contributions. His interpretations are really special. I guess sleeping with the composer gave him a special insight into the music.

Be sure to catch the wonderful BBC documentary on Aaron Copland if you get a chance. I see he was another of those great early 20th century composers influenced by Nadia Boulanger in Paris.

Anonymous said...

Your effort in spreading these
treasure Works is apreciated.

Thank you
Horatio from
Eastern Europe

Anonymous said...

I just spent a couple of hours enjoying your spectacular blog. What a delight!

Please accept my genuine 'Thank You' for your generosity and work in bringing this wonderful music to our worlds.

It is also a pleasure to download the music and open it with all the tags/meta data in place. Fabulous! Absolutely fabulous!

You really know how to do it right. My sincere compliments.

All the best,

yy said...

What an amazing contribution you made here !
Copland truely deserves more attention, and your blog is a giant step in that direction.
Thank you for putting his music in the spotlight.
Great blog.

Hotspur said...

What a great site, as a lover of Copland's music, I really found it very interesting. I also am very grateful for the reading lists. What detail!

Erlen said...


Tanks for your visit! Your blog is also great, congratulations! And it's already added to my blogs list, ok?

Good luck!



Anonymous said...

Great composer!
Your blog is great, congratulations!
King Regards,

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot! Is there any chance to get in future the Copland-Bernstein-Records on DGG?

Scoredaddy said...

Yes, I will eventually get to Bernstein's Copland DG discs.

Anonymous said...

That would be great! Thanks

Tim said...

Hello Scoredaddy... I've enjoyed your input on Call It Anything. I played trumpet in high school and I remember hating to have to play music by Copland. I thought it was so "square." I now know I was the "square" one. I downloaded "Old American Songs" from this blog and really enjoyed it. Some years ago I heard a piece on the radio by Copland and it was a small group for brass. I remember loving it but I don't know what it was. Any ideas? Thank you. I look forward to exploring this blog.

Scoredaddy said...

Sorry, but lots of Copland music has been adapted for brass band. Not sure unless you have more specifics.

David said...

Hi. Thanks for your excellent website. I'm not sure if it's kosher to post requests, but I am trying to find the follow CD.

"Copland: Symphony No. 3 & Harris: Symphony No. 3"

It contains Aaron Copland and Roy Harris's third symphonies, performed by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Neeme Järvi.

Thanks for your excellent work. This site is almost single-handedly responsible for my discovery and appreciation of Copland.

Anonymous said...

Hello: I recall a recording late 80's of Copland's Clarinet Concerto & Corligiano's: would you have access to it (I believe it's out of print)? Many thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

At last, Copland is getting the SERIOUS attention he has needed all along, not just as an American composer...but as a COMPOSER, regardless of nationality.

BSO365 said...

A masterpiece. Great and amazing blog!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good post and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you as your information.

Daffy said...

cds to give ASV 0870, Nimbus 5246

Randy said...

Hi Scoredaddy,

You don't have to post this as a comment as this is more just to let you know about some more Copland recordings not posted here that I just stumbled across. They are located here:

Thanks for all your great work!!

Ron said...

Thanks for your work here. Much appreciated!

sudzy said...

Hey Scoredaddy. Good to see you're back with blogging! See you around! (sniffle)

ColinAH said...

Dear fellow Copland fan, is there any chance of you re-uploading "The Heiress" please?

ColinAH said...

Thanks for the great Copland site - much appreciated. Is there any chance of re-uploading "The Heiress" please? That RS links has expired, I think.

jaffa said...


Pippo said...

A special greeting for a special blogger very dear to me
happy holiday season to you Scoredaddy.
With all my heart

Anonymous said...

wonderful work! the way you discuss the subject i'm very impressed. i'll bookmark this webpage and be back more often to see more updates from you.


Anonymous said...

The links for the unauthorised Naxos recordings of "Our Town" and "Of Mice and Men" have been taken down.

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coppinsuk said...


May I thank you for all your hard work and dedication in posting all the beautiful music during 2014.

It is very much appreciated.

All the very best for the Festive Season and in 2015.


Douglas (UK)